TT Isle of Man (Xbox One)

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TT Isle of Man is a racing game developed for Xbox One. This game is based on the real TT Isle of Man bike races that are held annually over the months of May and June. Just like the real sporting event, this Xbox One game will give you a sense of danger and excitement. The game is highly immersive as it follows the laws of physics accurately. To say the least, it offers a true sensation of riding a bike on a mountainous route. For a more exciting gaming experience, you can race at the high speed of 360 km per hour and show your skills to other gamers online. 

TT Isle of Man allows you to play with up to 8 people at the same time, and this game will be played on the internet. Challenging other people on the internet will give you a better challenge and will inspire you to improve your skills. Again, like the actual real-life sport, this game is played over a meticulously reproduced mountain course. The game accurately represents the challenge and danger experienced by real-life bikers on the Isle of Man course. Each of the 264 turns on the mountain is perfectly represented in the game. This racing game has 24 riders and 38 bikes and slide cars for you to choose. Each of them has their pros and cons, and you should consider these specifics before choosing a player or bike. 

For a more engaging experience, you can choose to play the game in career mode. This mode has 10 different tracks. You will also get to manage and fine-tune your bikes in a garage.

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