Tritton Kama 3.5mm Stereo Headset [Xbox One + Nintendo Switch]

condition:       code: SKUT35SHXONS

The Tritton Kama stereo headset for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is a lightweight headset suitable for marathon gaming sessions. The Tritton stereo headset delivers exceptional comfort, performance and durability allowing you to play in full stereo by connecting directly to your Xbox wireless controller or Nintendo Switch.

An inline audio module offers simple volume adjustment, and the microphone can be muted quickly and easily with the flick of a switch. The Tritton Kama stereo headset has a handy adjustable microphone that can be manoeuvered to be placed directly in front of your mouth to ensure an optimal position for picking up your voice, reducing poor sound quality.

The Tritton stereo headset has a head-rail that can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit, with the padded ear cups ensuring comfort whilst having the ability to swivel both for optimal fitting, and for comfort when taking a break from gaming so you can rest the headset around your neck.

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