Thrustmaster T Flight Stick x-PC Market (PC/PS3)

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Finally a joystick that you can control!

The Thrustmaster T Flight Stick x has internal memory to store personal settings, even if disconnected from the system. Each of twelve buttons and axes are completely programmable to your own specifications. It also has a set of default configurations for more than a half dozen games for plug and play delight.

Ergonomic Build

The thoughtful design boasts a wider hand rest on the Thrustmaster T Flight Stick x to keep the hand comfortable on those long gaming sessions. The heavy base will hold the joystick steady, and in turn, the character on the game screen responsive.The throttle is ergonomically formed for total comfort.


Resistance and control is adjustable for precision in every game it is taken into. The rotating handle has an internal locking setup providing smooth control of the rudder. The sleek design takes up less space than other designs and will be an asset in outrunning the enemy. The Thrustmaster T Flight Stick x can't go wrong.

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