The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One)

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The epic fantasy RPG adventure comes back to Xbox One in the expanded Game of the Year format! Prepare to take on a huge open world riddled with monsters, and complex characters - both friendly and not-so-friendly. 

Complexity and Danger

The player takes the guise of Geralt, mercenary monster hunter and the Witcher of the title, as he searches for his missing daughter. The game's developers have introduced uncertainty and ambiguity to the characters, including the hero, and the choices facing the player might not always be straightforward. Geralt will face danger throughout his travels, and must use weapons and special abilities to survive. 

An Expanded Experience

The original Witcher 3 involved a massive and truly immersive open world for players to experience. The Game of the Year Edition adds all DLC and both expansion packs (Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine), for an additional 50 hours of gameplay. For those who missed this extraordinary game the first time around, or for those who want the full Witcher 3 experience in one place, the Game of the Year Edition is the one for you. 

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