Super Chariot Nintendo Switch

condition: New       code: SCNS01

Are you ready to game? Super Chariot Nintendo Switch is a fast-moving, exciting 2D platforming game that can be played as either the brave princess or a daring knight. You'll take part in a tense and gripping adventure, with the aim of moving the wheeled coffin of the late King through 25 levels which are both varied and challenging to keep you captivated by the game throughout. Will you be able to deliver the dead King to his final resting place through treacherous caverns, or will you crash and burn? And who, or more importantly, what will be lurking around each corner to capture you? 

With 2 different op modes, you have the option to play with a friend. You can combine your forces and double the fun by working together. With solo or co-op mode, you can take the challenge alone or bring your friend to help you out and combine your skills to beat the game. You'll have to perform tricky manoeuvres, jump across crevices, loot the environment for all the riches and jewels you can find and finish all the levels, defeating the dangers which will try to stand in your way. 

With excellent graphics, 5 different creepy underground environments and endless challenges, Nintendo Switch Super Chariot will provide you with hours of fun and make sure you never get bored. So will you attempt the adventure on your own, or are you teaming up with a friend for some backup support? You'll have to develop great coordination and cooperation, or the dead King will never rest in peace!

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