Disney Infinity Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Set

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Disney Infinity Toy Box is an exciting way for kids to play with their favourite characters from Pixar and other Disney properties. Now Wreck-It Ralph fans can join Ralph and Vanellope on their adventures with the Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Pack.

The Disney Infinity Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Set features Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Disney Infinity figures, plus Power Discs for the virtual Infinity Toy Box game world. The Power Discs give players a texture set and skydome themed around the Sugar Rush game from Pixar's Wreck-It Ralph movies, turning the Infinity Toy Box into a recreation of the landscapes from the films. Kids can recreate the most exciting moments from their favourite movies, or have new adventures with other favourite characters from Frozen, Marvel and the Star Wars franchise.

Note that you will need to have Disney Infinity Toy Box in order to use the Disney Infinity Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Set. Disney Infinity ToyBox is available for multiple platforms (XBox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii etc) so make sure you choose the right version.

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