Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Comfort Grip

condition:       code: NSGRP001

No Nintendo Switch is complete without the Joy-Con controller that gives the console its unparalleled flexibility. The Joy-Con is composed of the main device, the Joy-Con itself, and two halves which are attached on either side to provide the controls themselves. Different grips exist for different purposes, all with different looks, shapes and sizes. 

The Nintendo Switch Joy Con Comfort Grip is optimised for the user's comfort, making even the most difficult games a pleasure to play for long periods of time. It helps prevent wrist and hand strain, offers some sweat resistance, and protects the area of the Joy-Con where the player would otherwise grip, all without impacting the visibility of the Joy-Con's main component. 

The Nintendo Switch Joy Con Comfort Grip is an excellent choice for players who find most controllers to be uncomfortable to use, or for players who just want the most comfortable Switch experience available.

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