Nintendo Selects - Nintendogs + Cats : Toy Poodle & New Friends

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Product Information

Nintendo's popular in-house life development sim offers 3D gameplay and an entirely new species of furry four-legged friends in Nintendogs + Cats. There are 27 different breeds from which to choose, highlighted by the toy poodle cover-critter, and each breed offers unique colour patterns and personalities. All of the animals react to touch (on the touch pad) and sound (through the microphone), and the facial recognition technology of the 3DS even lets the virtual pets learn their owner's face. Other 3DS gameplay options are also put to use in Nintendogs + Cats, such as an augmented reality feature that allows virtual pets to play on real-world objects like tables or desks, or the activity log pedometer that keeps track of real-world steps when players take their pet for a walk. Gamers can also snap photos of their puppy or kitten at any time, exchange Miis, pets and presents with nearby players, and download new content at any wireless hotspot.

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