Nintendo Labo Customisation Set (Switch)

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Get ready to be thrilled and amazed by the delightful Nintendo Labo Customisation Set. These inventive cardboard kits are packed with fun building ideas to get your creative juices flowing. The fun doesn’t just stop once you’ve built your Toy-Con creation; your design will be fully interactive with the Switch. So just build, power-on and play!

Each of the three types of kit come with everything you need to start building; you just need to add your imagination. Simply pop out each piece, fold it and combine with others however you like. The pieces lock in a natural way—almost like playing Lego with paper! Make things even more personal by adding colours and fully decorating your handiwork. The Nintendo Labo Customisation Set comes with software that truly impresses and adds immensely to the building process. Use the Switch to view clear, to-the-point instructions on building each Toy-Con. This part is fully interactive too as you have 3D images to keep you on track.

Even when you’ve finish building from the kit, endless time can be spent creating experiments using the Toy-Con Garage. Nintendo Labo offers an experience like no other.

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