Nintendo DS Super Mario 64

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Nintendo DS Super Mario 64: A Stone Cold Classic

Super Mario 64 is widely recognised as one of the greatest (and most commercially successful) video games of all time. This version of the game was one of the launch titles of the Nintendo DS console, and is still in the top 10 best selling DS games. 

Extended Gameplay

This DS version is a remake of the 1996 classic for the N64 console. It introduces new characters, new collectibles, and a multiplayer mode but also provides improved graphics. The player initially plays as Yoshi, exploring Princess Peach's castle looking for his friends as well as Power Star collectables. These Stars unlock Mario and Luigi as playable characters, as well as bringing about the final confrontation with Bowser. For the classic fun of a truly iconic character (and friends), Nintendo DS Super Mario 64 can't be beaten! 

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