Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System

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Nintendo is one of the largest producers of video games. For over three decades, they have wowed us with series of great titles. If you are a fan of retro games, you will be quite pleased with what the Nintendo Mini Classic has in store. 

Old Games with a New Twist 

The console offers a number of built in games to choose from. As should be expected, the developers at Nintendo have brought back some of their all-time greatest titles within a single platform. Some examples of games built in including Kirby's Adventure are Mega Man 2, the undeniably amazing Zelda and Super Mario. These games can be accessed with the click of a button. They have stayed completely true to their 16-bit history, so that children of the 1980's will be provided with a trip down memory lane. Also included with this unit is the classic controller pro at no additional cost.

Design and Build 

The Nintendo Mini Classic is approximately half the size of the original console so storage should not represent an issue. Having said this, the dimensions of the controllers have remained the same. Setting up the unit is pretty straightforward. The only additional piece of hardware that is required is a standard AC cable (such as a smartphone charger). The unit is complete with 30 NES games and has already attracted a considerable amount of attention.

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