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The Versatility Of The Xbox One Kinect Sensor

As one of the most popular entertainment systems in the world, there is no doubt that Microsoft's Xbox One is certainly at the top of its class. Among the many reasons that consumers love this particular console is the Xbox One Kinect Sensor. This accessory allows gamers to engage in a variety of activities that they otherwise would not be able to access. 

What is it and why is it useful? 

The neatest component of the Xbox One Kinect Sensor is that it renders your gaming controller obsolete - by replacing joysticks and buttons with body and voice commands. The ability to command your xbox and tv with your voice is extremely unique and fun. It is able to accomplish this by using its motion sensor and the camera advanced infrared technology to understand and successfully integrate the proper controls. As a very creative and innovative item, the sensor can be useful for much more more than when you cannot find your regular controller, as will be further displayed below. 

What else can it do? 

In addition to its motion capturing capabilities, the kinect sensor allows you to broadcast your gameplay live, make skype calls in hd and even use picture-in-picture. Whether you would like to make a video call to a friend on your television, livestream the game you are playing to the world or even if you simply want to say "Hi, Xbox" - the kinect sensor allows you to do so. The versatility that this Xbox add-on possesses is quite remarkable. 

What does it look like? 

The Xbox One Kinect Sensor is black, sleek and relatively small; giving it the ability to fit virtually anywhere in any given home. It is shaped like a rectangle and the camera is shaped like a circle and can be found on the left side (when facing its user). 

It is clear that this product should at the very least peak the interest of Xbox One owners, as well as entertainment lovers in general.

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