Mario Kart DS

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Mario Kart DS brings the long-time Mario Kart series to the handheld world. With colourful graphics and characters from the Mario setting, the Mario Kart DS game lives up to the reputation of its franchise and its series. 

In the Mario Kart DS game, there are a number of gameplay modes. You can race against seven opponents, making eight in total, in the game's classic Grand Prix mode, where your goal is to win not just a single race but a series of them and ultimately become the champion. 

Of course, there are other modes. The Time Trial mode lets you plow through courses with as much speed as possible, using a few mushrooms to boost your speed and complete it as quickly as possible. Shooting for better and better times can keep you entertaining for a good, long time, especially on the go. 

And then there's multiplayer: you can play the Battle Mode together with local friends, or play online against a number of other racers. As it's an essential part of the Mario Kart experience, this entry doesn't skimp on multiplayer. 

Finally, there's a variety of missions with different goals and tracks for you to try and beat.

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