Dirt Rally (PS4)

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Dirt Rally for the PS4  - What is it? 

Dirt Rally PS4 is a car rallying game from Codemasters. It is an ambitious attempt to expand the genre: players have six rallies, and seventy stages to complete, with forty cars to choose from to do it in. It offers a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions to overcome, and the developers claim to have designed a completely new simulation model that takes virtual rallying to a new level of realism.

Anything Else? 

But it is not just driving, there is also strategy. Players can repair, upgrade and tune their cars to perfection, and they act as manager of a team of mechanics who can be hired, trained to improve their skills, and even fired if they are no good. The game includes the full multiplayer experience, with the ability to create unique race leagues.

Dirt Rally PS4 could well be the greatest rallying game yet!


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