BT 1200 Nuisance Call Blocker - Single Handset

condition: New       code: BT1200SH

The BT 1200 Nuisance Call Blocker is a phone handset especially designed to stop unwanted phone calls.  For some households, endless nuisance calls can be a real problem, potentially leading to anxiety and stress. BT have come up with a Nuisance Call Blocker in an effort to address this often overlooked problem. It does this in two main ways: 

  • Block By Number: this allows owners to list up to twenty phone numbers that they want permanently blocked; 
  •  Block All: this setting stops ALL calls by default. Users can nominate certain “VIP” numbers, for example friends and family, that will be let through.

Another useful call blocking function is an easy to read screen that shows who is calling, or a new message, or if a second caller is waiting. 

As well as being squarely aimed at call screening, the BT 1200 Nuisance Call Blocker also has a number of other, more standard, phone features: 

  • Although the handset is a home phone, it has reception for up to 300m outside, or 50m inside; 
  • The battery will last for ten hours of use, or for one hundred hours on standby. 
  • It has memory for fifty contacts, can be used as an answering machine, and any of the last twenty calls can be re-dialled. 
  • Finally, the loudness of callers’ voices can be increased or decreased, as necessary.

The BT 1200 Nuisance Call Blocker could well prove invaluable for anyone being bothered by nuisance calls.

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