Bioshock: The Collection (Xbox One)

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Bioshock: The Collection is a collection of all the award winning bioshock franchise remastered into one package. The collection contains all three single original BioShock games.


The first game in the collection is a return to the underwater city of Rapture. Players take on the role of Jack the lone survivor of a plane crash. Jack was on his way to England to visit his cousins when the plane crashed near the lighthouse. BioShock was released as a single player game only.

BioShock 2

The game sets the scene ten years after the first game BioShock. Young girls have been going missing along the Atlantic coastline. It was reported that a monster was seen snatching the girls and dragging them to the underwater city of Rapture. As a player, you step into the role of the protagonist Big Daddy as you try to resolve this mystery. One main difference in this collection is that multiplayer mode has been done away with.. 

BioShock Infinite

The third game in this collection took place in 1912. The scene is set in the flying city of Columbia (a city in the air). Booker DeWitt is debt ridden. His only opportunity for a fresh start is connected with the rescue of a young woman. Elizabeth is thought to be between the ages of nineteen and twenty and has been imprisoned since she was an infant. Booker is sent to rescue the girl and bring her back to New York.

Experience this award winning franchise in high definition at 60 frames per second on the next gen consoles. BioShock the Collection includes all critically acclaimed downloadable contents. It also contains a Director’s commentary featuring Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson.


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