Wileyfox Spark X 16GB with 2GB RAM 5.5" HD (Dual SIM 4G) - Black

condition:       code: SKUWS16GB

The Wileyfox Spark X smartphone comes from a company that creates highly visible designs. As a Wileyfox smartphone, this device features the brand's name and a fox-eared shield emblem in orange on the back, with glossy black construction throughout. The chassis is completed by a 5.5" scratch-resistant screen with 720p resolution. 

The device's built-in storage is 16 GB, and the device also has 2 GB of RAM, which is sufficient for some relatively demanding apps and games such as Pokemon Go, as well as for specific productivity apps such as video encoders. The device also offers two 4G SIM slots, providing the ability to switch between carriers or plans on the fly if used. 

This particular Wileyfox smartphone offers a few auxiliary features: a considerable 13 MP primary camera, expendable storage up to 64 GB, and Android 7.1.2 "Nougat". The device is also compatible with and offers the Cyanogen 13.0 operating environment as an additional layer of functionality.

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