Star Wars BB-8 App Enabled Droid with Special Force Bands

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The Limited Edition Battle Worn BB-8 droid is a dream come true for die-hard Star Wars or sci-fi fans. These war app-enabled droids first stole our hearts when they appeared on the Star Wars 2015 celebration. Sphero, a start-up electronics company that came to the limelight after introducing the first remote-controlled robot toy, developed a mini-version of the BB-8. 

This droid could react to the environment by displaying short visual messages. Later, the company introduced a special edition of the BB-8, which you could control using a wearable, in this case, the Force Band. Read on to discover other exciting features of the Limited Edition Battle Worn BB-8. 

Controlled Using Hand Gestures 

The band comes along with the toy, though you can also purchase it separately. You only need to strap it on to start controlling the BB-8 using hand gestures. Twist your wrist to turn its head, raise your arm to the chest to pull it back and push through the air to send it forward. 

Updated BB-8 App 

Sphero also updated the BB-8 app for Android and iOS users to activate new experiences that will excite pro and amateur players alike. The app sings to a familiar Star Wars tune when pairing to the droid through Bluetooth. The star wars enabled app then loads all the necessary BB-8 orientation data from the droid. 

Once it connects to your mobile device, a menu screen appears displaying four options- Message, Patrol, Drive and Settings. The other settings work when you are using the Band. The Drive is a standard setting for Sphero star wars app-enabled droids, which allows users to hold the mobile device in a landscape mode when controlling the movement of the toy. 

Programmable App 

The app allows users to program their BB-8. As such, you can use specific actions, character-specific animations, curve out unique paths or write your JavaScript text to give your bb-8 app-enabled droid particular orders.

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