Sphero Ollie Darkside - Robot Toy (Special Edition)

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The Sphero Ollie Darkside is a special edition, app controlled, wheeled robot toy, built for racing and tricks.

What Does it Do? 

Using Bluetooth technology, the Sphero Ollie Darkside is controlled from any of your devices via an app, and can be operated from a range of up to one hundred feet. Travelling at speeds of up to fourteen miles per hour, the robot can just flat out race, or perform tricks such as flips, drifts and spins. It comes with fully customisable tyres and hubcaps, gets charged from any USB port, and will flash through an infinite range of colours as it zooms about.

Anything Else? 

This model comes with Turbo tyres and Flux hubs which allows owners to give their robot its own unique look. Although it is a toy, the manufacturer says it is not suitable for children under the age of five years old, and an adult supervisor is recommended when it is being operated by children.

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