Sphero 1B01RW1 Ollie by App Controlled Robot

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The Sphero Ollie 1B01RW1 is an app-controlled robot that provides bags of fun and fires the imagination. 

Precision Tricks

The app provides pinpoint control for an array of tricks to be done, and the only limit is the imagination. The Sphero is easy to control and very manoeuvrable. An in-built scoring system gives immediate feedback to allow for skills to be improved and perfected, whilst achieving high scores unlocks bonus controls. 

Record and Share

The Sphero Ollie also comes with an automated record feature. This allows for the best tricks and performances to be kept and shared - impress your friends! Recording the trick also means it can be repeated - practice makes perfect! 

Fast and Tough

The Ollie can blast along at speeds of up to 6.3 metres-per-second (14mph) but is strong and rugged enough to deal with any terrain. 

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