Sony XDR-S40DBP DAB/DAB+/FM Ultra Compact Digital Radio - Black

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Technology is always evolving especially in terms of gadgets. Sony XDR-S40DBP is the latest in the line of Sony’s Digital radios. It comes with a DAB/DAB+FM tuner spoiling you for choice with the variety of stations you can listen to.

Sony XDR-S40DBP Features 

It has amazing rechargeable batteries which can last up to 13 hours. As a result, you enjoy the convenience of listening to PlayStation music continuously. The digital radio has a telescopic aerial that can be moved in any direction making it easy for you to get the best waives receptions. 

The DAB auto-tune function makes it easy for you to scroll down the list of radio stations available for you. It’s even made easier by the fact that they are stored alphabetically. Should you require to seclude yourself from the rest of the world, you can always plug a headphone jack especially in places you feel you are inconveniencing others. 

Sony XDR-S40DBP design is awesome. It has three colour variations of black, white and red which gives you an array of options. Although it’s not compatible with TVs and doesn’t have a product for a software upgrade, it’s still a digital radio you want to own. 


Although the radio has an impressive design, it falls short in terms of stability since it doesn’t have stands. You may seek other better alternatives in places where sound quality is important especially in the living room or in a garage. It doesn’t have an RDS meaning that the names of radio stations are not displayed which is a bit disappointing.

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