Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Protective Case for 10.1-Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

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Those who own a Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 and who are looking for a really thin keyboard protective case with an integrated bluetooth keyboard will find exactly what they need in the new Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. 

The perfect protection system 

This nifty case will protect both the top and the bottom of your Galaxy Tab 4 against scratches, accidental bumps and the biggest danger of all - spills. It is manufactured from tough materials that repel water, making it ideal for daily use. 

Outstanding typing experience 

The cover comes with an integrated keyboard with a well-spaced, familiar layout for fast yet accurate typing. It is Bluetooth enabled, making it a breeze to connect - and it comes with various Android shortcuts. 

Light and thin 

This amazing keyboard weighs only 450g and has a total depths of only 20.3 mm. It provides high-tech engineering and excellent protection in a compact and lightweight design. 

Long-lasting rechargeable battery 

This outstanding keyboard protective case can be recharged with a standard USB cable (included) and a single charge will last for as long as three months. 

Different viewing options 

The case has a dual-view stand, which means it can adapt to your needs at any particular moment. Simply set it in upright position if you need to type a document, or lay it flat for a comfortable reading position. 


The Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Protective Case has corner clips and powerful magnets to ensure that the table remains secured at all times. 

Auto-wake and auto-sleep 

When the user opens the cover the case will automatically wake up the tablet, and when it is closed the tablet is put in sleep mode.

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