LEGO UK 75187 Star Wars Episode VIII BB-8 Set

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LEGO 75187 Star Wars Episode VIII BB-8 Set Review

Released as part of The Last Jedi wave of sets, the LEGO 75187 Star Wars BB-8 model has much to offer children and AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) alike.

LEGO 75187 Star Wars - Pieces and Parts 

The set contains 1106 pieces, including a minifigure scale BB-8 droid to be displayed alongside the completed large-scale model. Although it isn't officially part of the USC (Ultimate Collector's Series) range, it does come with one of the stickered plaque pieces common to these sets.

Play Functions 

Set 75187 has a significant level of detail and several well-thought-out play features worth drawing your attention to. If the droid is angled, BB-8's head will adjust to the direction he's travelling in. Once he's returned to a level surface, his head will snap back into an upright position. 

His spherical body, made by cleverly stacking LEGO plates then attaching them to a studded core, houses several tool bays, one of which houses a replica blow torch. This can be used to recreate the scene from The Force Awakens where BB-8 gives Finn the thumbs-up sign.

LEGO 75187 Star Wars - Design Aesthetic 

Although the model is perhaps a little on the small side, measuring just 25cm in height, it is very well-designed and manages to capture some of BB-8's cheeky character.
The colour scheme is pretty accurate to the movie and the set would not look out-of-place displayed alongside 10225, the R2-D2 USC set.

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