Gigaset A120 Twin DECT Cordless Phone Set

condition: New       code: SKUG120A001

The Gigaset A120 Twin DECT provides landline convenience that many other phones can't compare with. With a compact design, a clear readable screen, and intuitive menus, this phone can take the place of any other landline phone and probably improve over it as well. It provides a number of standard and useful features, such as operating hands-free and offering a directory that can be browsed at any reasonable distance from the base station.

The Gigaset A120 Twin DECT cordless phone set is also a set in that it comes with a base station and enough power to function. The phone can accept a call while you are on line, recording a fairly lengthy message for you. If the phone does becomes lost, a pager located on the base station can be use to relocate it. 

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