Anki Overdrive X52 Ice Super Truck

condition: New       code: SKUANKI001

Introducing the Ice Predator: the Anki Overdrive X52 Ice Super Truck

Steer your Anki Overdrive into a whole new level of hardcore with the savage anki overdrive super truck x 52. The biggest, meanest, angriest predator on the track, this new arrival is a viciously entertaining piece of kit. 

An Arctic Storm

This monster has blasted its way straight from the frozen wilderness to assault your track with its unstoppable pulse ram, sending other cars spinning from the track. And that’s just for starters: unleash the full power of the Arctic with the merciless Rage Mode! Max your Rage Meter, and watch the destruction unfold. Then get personal, by turning the powerful trailer into a deadly whip. Lesser vehicles do not stand a chance. 

New Features

Three times the size of a supercar, this beast doesn’t just promise to dominate the track, it wants to devour it. Using its giant heft, the anki overdrive super truck x 52 features a slick new control system and unlocks new game features. The new Takeover Mode is a battle to the death, challenging you to win control of the Super Truck beast and obliterate your opponents. 

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