Angelcare AC1320 Baby Video Monitor

condition: New       code: AC1320BVM

The Angelcare AC1320 Baby Video Monitor consists of a parent unit and a nursery unit which have been designed in a sleek new style. Although it is ideal for a newborn, it can also be used for older babies who are starting to explore the world around them. It is the ideal purchase as its complete monitoring system gives anxious parents peace of mind. 

Monitoring your Sleeping Baby with the Angelcare AC1320 

This baby monitor provides quality video and crystal clear sound through the latest digital transmission technology. The nursery unit has an adjustable camera angle which allows you to position it for the perfect view of the cot and if necessary, place it out of the reach of older children. It also incorporates a photo sensor so that the monitor shows the young baby both day and night using infrared. The 3.5-inch LCD colour screen of the parent unit permits you to adjust the screen brightness. The digital zoom-in and zoom-out feature on the other hand allows you to get a clearer picture of your child if the sound monitor picks up any noise. The nursery unit contains a night light which gives off a soft glow so you can attend to the baby's needs without disturbing them by switching on the main light. 

Other Features of the Angelcare AC1320 

The baby monitor is both mains- and battery-operated. The AC adapter can be used at home to save on batteries, but the battery mode is ideal when you are travelling. The monitor will also automatically switch to battery mode in case of a power cut. The monitor works within an open field of up to 820 feet (250 metres), and there is an out-of-range indicator if the two units are not in contact. The nursery unit also has a temperature display, and an alarm can be set to alert you in case the temperature in the baby's room is too high or too low.

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